Early Ages

The first evidence of dentistry was first dated back to ancient times in Egypt. Further discoveries now show that dentistry dates back 9,000 years ago to 5,500 and 7,000 BC. In Pakistan, 9 skulls were found that had a total of 11 precise drill holes in their teeth. No one is really sure why their were holes drilled into the teeth, but some experts have said it might be to release bad spirits from their mouth that are causing pain or other problems.     Other early evidence of dentistry shows that there has been retentive prosthesis and artificial substitutes. The Greek scholars, Hippocrates and Aristotle, mentioned and discussed dentistry in some of their writings. Although there is physical evidence and written evidence of dentistry, there was no such thing as a dental profession. In these early times, barbers and general physicians were the ones who were in charge of dental procedures.    Call us today to schedule your next appointment! (928)774-5599