Soft tissue grafts or a gum graft is necessary to prevent gum lines from receding further than they already have and to also improve the look of your gum line. Gums can recede so far that the root of the tooth is exposed. Having the roots exposed will make your tooth or teeth look longer than they actually are and will make your gum line look uneven. It could also cause sensitivity because the gums have receded so far that the cementum, which is located over the root, is not being protected by the gum line anymore. The other way to tell if this is happening is when you are able to see the difference in color between the enamel and cementum.

Grafting procedures starts with the dentist removing tissue from the roof of the mouth or from a donor. The removed or donated tissue is then placed over the exposed part of the root and attached to the existing gum line of the patient. Grafts are quick. Both the procedure and the healing time. In no time, the sensitivity will disappear and the smile will reappear.


Types of grafts:

    • Free Gingival Graft: skin is taken from the patient's palate and placed as necessary.

    • Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft: tissue is taken from underneath a patient's healthy gum and then placed.

    • Pedicle Graft: tissue is taken from the gum that is adjacent to the repair spot

    • Acellular Dermal Matrix: this is a material that is processed, donated human skin


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