Dental implants replace the actual root of the tooth or root. Instead of the tooth, a synthetic rod is placed into the jaw bone of the patient which becomes an anchor. The rod is made out of a titanium post that can hold a crown, a bridge, or a set of dentures.

The success rates of these implants are high and will almost always improve the patient's life depending on the placement of the implant as well as the oral hygiene habits that the patient has afterward. In order to receive a dental implant, recipients of the dental implant will have to have high bone density in the location of the implant as well as a strong immune system to fight off any infections.

Anyone that does not have an implant can hardly tell the difference between a real tooth and an implant. The material that dentists use for the implants resemble a real tooth in both site and touch.

Surgery for an implant requires a couple visits to the dentist. Preparing the area for the implant requires surgery that embeds the actual synthetic root into the jaw. Time is given to the patient so that the bone tissue in the jaw can form itself around the implant and hold it steady. The next visit will be the placement of the imitative tooth. A metal post will be connected to the synthetic root and the realistic crown will be placed over the post.

Dental implants require invasive surgery and with most invasive surgeries, anesthesia would be given. Antibiotics would also be given to the patient after the surgery so they are able to fight off any possible infection.

Proper dental hygiene is absolutely necessary after this procedure, otherwise the implant my become infected or fail completely. Time and proper care will heal the implant so that it can be used properly for a long period of time. The success rate will increase as long as good oral hygiene habits increase.

Our dental staff will work alongside an implant specialist to take care of your implant needs whether it be replacing a removable appliance, missing multiple teeth, or just a single tooth.


Definitions related to Implants

Invasive:  a technique that is inside of the skin

Root:  the base of the tooth that connects the tooth to the jaw



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