Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can give you a poor visual appearance to other people and cause you social discomfort or discrimination. We understand the importance of maintaining your appearance within your smile.

With the recent advancements of teeth technologies we are now able to repair any missing teeth problems. Their are several conditions which can result in a missing tooth in a mouth such as cavaties, injuries, and gum disease.

How are a few examples of how we use technology to repair broken and/or missing teeth:

a) Implants - By placing a small titanium rod into the jawbone we can attach a fake tooth to give the visual impression that their are no missing teeth.

b) Flipper - a removable plastic tooth/teeth that can be used for a temporary solution.

c) Dental Bridges - Although more expensive, this is a more routine way of fixing missing teeth. By trimming the next tooth down after taking a mold, a dentist can have a custom attachment made to hold the new tooth in place by connecting it to the existing tooth.

d) Partial Dentures - If only a few teeth are missing it is possible to have that area filled with plastic teeth that will give the illusion their are no missing teeth.

e) Full Dentures - In severe cases when it is best to extract all of the teeth, we can supply a patient with a full set of plastic teeth. Sometimes this can be a more cost effective solution that attempting to repair and/or replace more than a few problematic teeth.

From implants to bridges we have the experience to make the most effective solution as plesurable as possible.


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