Gum disease can cause painful problems in someone's mouth. It can lead to terrible teeth problems such as abscesses, bone loss, or the removal of an individual tooth or multiple teeth. The best way to prevent gum disease is using an Oral Breeze System like the RediBreeze or the ShowerBreeze. These are affordable systems (ShowerBreeze w/ 3 ft. hose = $24.95) that will get rid of bad breath, biofilm, plaque, and food debris that is otherwise hard to make disappear with just a toothbrush and floss or even another oral water irrigation system.

The Oral Breeze Systems are unlike any other oral water irrigation systems because they connect directly to water sources like your faucet or shower head. They do not take up space on your counter top and there are no unnecessary electrical cords running through your bathroom. There is no mess to clean up, there are no bulky tanks, and there are no loud electric motors.

After installation of the system, all one has to do is turn on warm water to a low pressure and direct the flow of water between each individual gap between two teeth. Do not forget to get the back teeth even though they stand alone. Do not use too high of a pressure. Pressure will increase as the gums become stronger and healthier.

In 14 days your gums will feel healthier and your teeth will look brighter. The Oral Breeze guarantees you that if you are not satisfied within 30 days, they will refund you completely if it is undamaged.