Prevention is a key part of oral healthcare. Teeth, whether they are real or implants, need the best care they can get. The patient, you, are the one person who can take care of your teeth on a daily basis and help prevent, manage, and fight against disease, infections, and other problems. Work is necessary to have great teeth and only some of the work can be done by your dentist when you visit them on a regular basis.   When you are on your own, you need to:   Brush your teeth twice a day (soft bristled or mechanical toothbrush)   Floss every night before bed using the proper techniques   Do not use tobacco products (cigarettes, chew, etc.)   Stay away from sugary snacks and foods (candy, gum, etc.)   Eat a healthy well-balanced diet according to the FDA's food plate ( ) Use antiseptic and fluoride rinses (Listerine, ACT Anticavitiy, etc.) Use sealants, especially children.   Call today to schedule your next appointment! (928)774-5599