Teeth Grinding Bruxism

Stress and anxiety are key factors when it comes to people grinding their teeth but it is also caused by crooked teeth or an abnormal bite. You might think that you do not grind your teeth, but a lot of teeth grinding happens at night when people are sleeping which makes it hard to tell if they are grinding or not. If you wake up with a sore jaw or a headache in the morning, there is a very good chance that you have been grinding your teeth at night. Another way to tell is if your jaw is tender, there are signs of deterioration in your teeth, and if your gums are receding.
Grinding your teeth can wear them down at a rapid pace. If you have bruxism, you can wear down your teeth all the way through the enamel which will cause a lot of pain. Bruxism can also cause a loose tooth, a fractured tooth, or even the loss of a tooth. It can also bring up other problems upon you as well. Your face, jaw, and mouth can all be effected by you grinding your teeth. Clenching your teeth can cause temporomandibular joint problems too. 


Contact us as soon as possible so further damage can be prevented and damage can be corrected. A visit to the dentist is necessary because the dentist will provide you a mouth guard to wear at night while sleeping to prevent you from grinding your teeth. We provide many options when it comes to preventing the grinding of the teeth.


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