When it comes to choosing a toothbrush, there are some things that you should know.  First, many different toothbrushes exist nowadays, but a lot of them have produced very similar results to each other.  If you do not have proper brushing techniques, it does not really matter what toothbrush you have.  Also, if your dentist recommends a specific type of toothbrush, then purchase the one he suggests.

     -  Manual Toothbrushes - These are your basic hard-plastic handled brushes with bristles at the other end.  There are different types of         bristles, such as soft, medium, and hard bristles.  If you want to purchase a manual toothbrush, choose one with soft or medium bristles because hard bristles have the possibility of wearing down your teeth at a faster rate.  The only time to purchase a hard-bristled toothbrush is when your dentist advises you to.

     -  Battery-powered - The types of toothbrushes run on AA or AAA batteries. There are also battery-powered toothbrushes that you plug in and charge daily.  The head of the tooth brush have a set pattern of bristles as well as a set motion that loosens plaque on teeth.  

     -  Sonic Toothbrushes-  These are similar to battery-powered due to the fact that they vibrate.  A difference is, that sonic toothbrushes do not have a set rotation pattern.  Instead, they have vibrating bristles.  These bristles have enough strength to remove plaque and food particles in places that the bristles do not even touch.

     -  Chewable Toothbrushes - Chewable toothbrushes should not replace regular brushing, but they are good enough when traveling or when there is no water available.  These brushes are small, plastic, disposable pieces with bristles on one end.